Prison Architect Alpha 17 released, armouries and armed guards now available
Posted: 31.01.2014 13:34 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Introversion has updated Prison Architect to build Alpha 17 which adds the all-new armoury and armed guards to be deployed. They're a great way to suppress prisoners, but do erode morale.

If the worst happens the armed guards can be given the 'weapons free' command, and they'll put down rioters if warnings aren't obeyed. Of course, that armoury might get raided...

We also get a new room type: forestry, which automates the process of replanting trees for logging and they're cut down when matured by gardeners or prisoners.

The object window has also been changed so that the most useful objects to be used in a room or zone are highlighted as before, but the pool of items is also filtered to reduce the clutter. However you can just click a little '+' button to reveal the full list again. The full list was getting a little too full even with highlighting.

The full Alpha 17 changelog is available on the Introversion Software website.

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