4,621 Rust players "detected and banned" by CheatPunch, "a stop gap solution"
Posted: 12.02.2014 13:40 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Developer Facepunch Studios has unveiled 'CheatPunch', their own creation to detect dirty little cheaters playing Rust unscrupulously. Over the weekend they "detected and banned" over 4,600 players.

There's no appeal process - at least not directly - and Facepunch are working on a site to show evidence for bans. The team call this "a stop gap solution."

The studio isn’t going to give up the fight against the cheaters and hackers, and this is the first huge strike against them. They're testing it further on official servers.

"We made our own anti cheat called CheatPunch last week. We ran it over the weekend. 4,621 people have been detected and banned," announced Facepunch in a blog update. "We don’t know how stable it’s going to be, so we’re testing it out on our official servers to make sure it all works before forcing it on everyone else."

"If you get kicked from the official servers with the message that you’ve been banned then you have been caught."

"You’re a naughty boy. You know what you have done. You won’t get unbanned. We know it was your 9 year old cousin. We know your computer got hijacked. We know that the CIA is getting you banned from all your games on Steam so you will join them in the hunt for aliens. We’re aiming to get a site set up for people that have been banned so they can go and see proof that they’ve been caught."

They continued: "CheatPunch isn’t the answer to all of our prayers. It’s a stop gap solution. It’s going to get rid of a bunch of cheaters, but it’s not hard to get around (by design). We fully expect cheats to be touted as ‘CheatPunch proof’ quite soon. That’s cool. We’re never going to be finished fighting."

To use the new CheatPunch on private servers, update to the latest version and add '-cheatpunch' to the command line. Rust recently dropkicked zombies from their player survival game as they were never meant to be there.
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