Nordic Games to release collections for Darksiders and Red Faction
Posted: 13.02.2014 17:31 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Both Darksiders and Red Faction are to receive their own 'Collection' editions where the entire series is bundled. Nordic Games bought the rights to the IPs from THQ, and these packs are to 'gauge the fans'.

The Darksiders Collection and the Red Faction Collection will be releasing PC and PS3, with only Darksiders also hitting Xbox 360. There is no set date for either pack yet.

Of course every scrap of DLC will be included for both Collections, although on PC they are known as Darksiders Complete and Red Faction Complete.

Xbox 360 will miss out: "This is because according to Microsoft, the Collection did not comply with some of their guidelines for such a pack,” said Nordic. “The Collections are a good way for us to keep a close eye on the community and if we were ever to go ahead with new game development in the franchises, their feedback will be eagerly received."

“There won’t be any new content included in each of the games, but the first thing which we’re looking to tackle in the coming weeks and months is the removal of Games for Windows Live in the PC version of Red Faction.”

Any dates given for the Collection packs, like Amazon's date of March 14th, are all to be considered placeholder. Darksiders Collection is priced at £34.99 with the Red Faction Collection lower at £24.99.
Source: Eurogamer