SEGA launch 'Make War Not Love' campaign for Total War and Company of Heroes
Posted: 14.02.2014 16:25 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
This weekend, SEGA has unleashed the dogs of war on Valentine's Day. They want us divided into camp Total War and camp Company of Heroes as the two go head-to-head... but not really.

For every battle won in Total War: Rome II or Company of Heroes 2, a point is scored. The community with the greatest horde of points wins DLC for their chosen game.

This also means SEGA is letting the great unpaid masses try the two strategy titles for free this weekend, with both discounted at 50% off. COH2 is currently 1% ahead.

Should the legions of Rome win this weekend war in the name of love then everyone can claim the Beasts of War DLC for free for five days before it goes back to carrying a price. However should squads rush enough hills for the Motherland then two new multiplayer Commanders are offered freely for five days.

Terms and Conditions for what constitutes a victory:

Rome II: Only player resolved battles in campaign mode will register a victory (ie. no auto-resolve victories will be recorded as a Battle Victory).

COH 2: Any battles (all game modes) where a victory is registered shall record a Battle Victory, including where the player is victorious against a CPU opponent.

SEGA has launched a website dedicated to their Make War Not Love campaign.


By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Feb 14, 2014
Both of those games are dreadful sequels