Team17 new Flockers IP "most important game we've worked on in over a decade"
Posted: 27.02.2014 15:12 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Worms creator Team17 has unveiled preliminary details about their new IP called Flockers, which is to say not very much. They have called this their "most important game" in a decade during PlayStation Open.

A logo was teased which suggests a blending of Steampunk and Team17's affinity for sheep. Flockers is expected to be officially announced next week. Worms is their best-known series.

"This is the most important game we've worked on in over a decade," said Team17 MD Debbie Bestwick. It's been a long time since the studio created their own IP franchise.

In recent years Team17 has positioned itself as a digital publisher, so it stands to reason they'll be handling Flockers themselves when it comes to launching on platforms. Team17 employs around 75 staff and remains an independent studio as it enters its 25th year open for business.

Source: Develop