Focus Home announces Act of Aggression from R.U.S.E. creator, GDC line-up
Posted: 11.03.2014 16:24 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
More real-time strategic armchairing is on the way as Eugen Systems is developing Act of Aggression, announces Focus Home in their GDC line-up. It will debut next week to press at their GDC booth.

Focus also has RPG Bound by Flame, more Sherlock Holmes, Blood Bowl 2, Styx: Master of Shadows and a new tactical Warhammer game ready for GDC.

The Game Developers Conference runs March 19-21 in San Francisco. Below is Focus Home's GDC booth line-up:

South Hall Booth 416
Bound by Flame the upcoming dark-fantasy RPG
Crimes & Punishments the latest investigation of Sherlock Holmes
Blood Bowl 2 the combination of American football with the fantasy world of Warhammer
Styx: Master of Shadows the stealth game featuring an anti-hero goblin
Act of Aggression a new spectacular real time strategy game
A new tactical game set in the Warhammer world

North Hall GDCPLAY
Etherium the futuristic RTS from the creators of Stellar Impact (playable at GDC Play, booth PL423)
Space Run the indie title of the list offering (playable at GDC Play, booth PL418)
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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Mar 12, 2014
This might just salvage my love of the "RUSE" gaming world, lost since the release of the "Wargame" franchise, snubbing SP gamers quite blatantly.
I'll be watching very closely on this one.
As for "Blood Bowl 2", nup. Not into American football in any way, shape or form.