Mirror's Edge 2 details allegedly surface from 'verified sources'
Posted: 12.03.2014 16:17 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
DICE has Mirror's Edge 2 in the works but details haven't been forthcoming when it comes to specifics. Rocket Chainsaw claim to have the scoop from 'verified sources' that have dirt on the game.

According to their report its primary focus is parkour, with any combat advanced over the original but not emphasised. It is entirely open world with drop in/out multiplayer, they say.

We'll be given plenty of opportunity to test our freerunning skills in the game with time trials and other feats. Faith won't be carrying guns, with melee much more fluid.

The E3 2013 announcement trailer for Mirror's Edge 2 was all in-game and none of it scripted say sources. The ultimate goal of this reboot for the series is to let players freely explore an urban sprawl, and there'll be new enemies introduced with some operating on the same skill level as Faith.

Environmental hazards and interactions are vital for combat in the new game, with physics playing a significant role. Martial arts moves compliment wall running and flips as Faith unleashes combos on enemies. DICE are also going to use occasional slow-mo takedown moves in third-person to highlight a particularly great sequence.

The studio is keeping Mirror's Edge 2 on track as a racer above all, as feedback from the original showed the moments when enemies would 'break' Faith's quick flow across environments proved frustrating and contrived, which is why combat now reflects this new always-on-the-move mantra.

Rocket Chainsaw also report that Mirror's Edge 2 is for PC, Xbox One and PS4 and due in 2016.