Might and Delight working on Shelter 2
Posted: 31.03.2014 10:00 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
Swedish developers Might and Delight have announced a sequel to their artistic adventure game Shelter. Shelter 2 will follow the life cycle of a mother lynx, and will require them to perfect their hunting and survival skills in order to provide for their cubs.

"The essence of Shelter as a concept is keeping your family alive,"
said Might and Delight CEO Anders Westin, "But we have decided to let the animal itself set the pace and character of the gameplay. The badger translated into a slow and linear journey - with the lynx however, Shelter 2 will become a much more forceful experience, where improving your techniques for hunting prey takes a much bigger role."

Shelter 2
includes more complicated gameplay than its predecessor, with movement and agility being much more integral to the game. As well as keeping an eye on your general stamina, you'll have to watch out for your cubs, calling them closer, ushering towards water to drink, and picking them up by the scruff of their neck when they get too mischievous. The open world is also much larger, apparently.

On the art side Shelter 2 seems to be just as pretty as the original, and it again features music by Retro Family, who did a wonderful job last time around.

"The beauty of nature goes hand in hand with its unforgiving rawness. That is central in Shelter 2, and one of the reasons we chose to make a game about a Lynx. They are in middle of the food chain, and there are far more vicious things out on the cold tundra.
says Anders Westin.

The game will be released on Steam, GOG, and other digital platforms in fall 2014.

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