Arma 3's Zeus DLC now available, adds 'Game Master' role for multiplayer
Posted: 10.04.2014 15:40 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Bohemia are handing Arma 3 players the powers of a Game Master in the now released Zeus DLC, letting someone take charge of multiplayer sessions to "create, manipulate or expand" scenarios in real-time.

We can now "curate the experience" of other Arma 3 players on-the-fly with an "intuitive real-time editor," letting us tweak events or create all-new ones. The Zeus DLC is free.

You can use the new Game Master powers in a standard MP mode like Team Death Match or use a blank canvas instead and start from scratch.

"An easy-to-use editor enables you to spawn units, set objectives, change the weather conditions, start music, and much more. The result is incredibly dynamic online combat - in which players have to rely on their ability to improvise and adapt," explains Bohemia Interactive.

In celebration of Zeus' release for Arma 3, a special 'Arma 3 Zeus Launch Party Livestream' will be hosted Saturday, April 12th starting at 17:00 UTC. It will be available to watch live on the official Arma 3 Twitch channel.

? Become Zeus
Assume the role of Game Master and curate the experience of other Arma 3 players. Wielding an intuitive real-time editor, you can manipulate or expand multiplayer scenarios on-the-fly, and create a surprising flow of challenges for the soldiers on the ground.

? Enroll As Players
Form a squad, head into battle, and engage in truly dynamic combat. As one of Zeus' subjects, you need to react to varied objectives, and adapt to unscripted events on a constantly-evolving battlefield. Improvisation is your key to success.

? MP Modes
Play Arma 3 Zeus across its distinctive 'Game Master' game type scenarios, where you start out with a blank canvas. Or visit familiar modes like 'Coop', 'Team Death Match', and 'Sector Control' in a completely new way. Zeus multiplayer also works with custom player-created scenarios.
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