Pillars of Eternity update shows off new areas and armour sets
Posted: 30.04.2014 08:18 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
Obsidian have posted a new blog update for their Kickstarter-funded RPG, Pillars of Eternity. This time they're taking a look at some of the character and area art from the alpha build of the game. It's looking pretty good so far.

The first set of screenshots show some of the armour your characters will be wearing. Armour in Pillars of Eternity comes in normal, fine and exquisite versions, presumably with unique sets as well, and can be tinted several colours as in Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate. These are the plate and scale sets.

On the location side of things, it looks like we'll be visiting some colourful, pleasant-looking areas as well as trudging round your typical brown fantasy dungeons. Here's the beach of Anslog's Compass, "which provides decent fishing for both brave Dyrwoodans and a local contingent of xaurips," and the Hall of Warriors, a meeting place for fighters where you can test your testosterone levels against some burly warrior types.

Finally, here's the ancient ruin of Clîaban Rilag, a large dungeon. Next week Obsidian are promising an update looking in detail at the chanter and priest classes. Pillars of Eternity keeps looking better and better as far as I'm concerned. Roll on winter 2014.