BioWare release first episode of 'Galactic Living' for SWTOR Player Strongholds
Posted: 01.05.2014 16:12 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
The Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace is the first Player Stronghold in Star Wars: The Old Republic to be featured in a new Galactic Living series of videos from BioWare. These homes are featured in Galactic Strongholds.

The free digital expansion is due out this August. BioWare tease that we'll be able to expand our floating Sky Palace on Nar Shaddaa, and decorate them how we please.

Galactic Strongholds also introduces the long-promised Guild-owned Starships. The Player Strongholds will be available on multiple planets throughout SWTOR.

"Be a Subscriber by May 11th to receive your very own luxurious Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace with five rooms unlocked, valued at 4,000,000 credits. Subscriber Early Access begins August 19th!" post BioWare. We'll be able to customise our homes significantly and that extends to our companion characters. Player Strongholds are also tied to Legacies.

Hopefully BioWare will be implementing Player Strongholds on almost every planet eventually. Hoth Ski Lodge Palace!


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on May 02, 2014
I believe you need to re-subscribe to receive this, according to the newsletter I received from BioWare this morning anyway.