Defiance MMO will go free-to-play in June
Posted: 02.05.2014 09:31 by nickhorth1 Comments: 1
Trion Worlds announced yesterday that their Defiance MMO shooter will go free-to-play in June. A video game companion to the SyFy television series, Defiance previously offered a free trial and then required a one-time purchase price. It will change to the new model on June 4.

According to the official website, "existing players will keep all of the benefits they already enjoy, and owners will get great bonuses at the launch of Defiance Free-to-Play." You can read full details here, but the basic differences between free-to-play users and those who buy the full version are listed below.

New Free-to-Play players
(After June 3)

Character Slots: 2
Loadouts: 2
Ark Keycode Maximum: 50
Inventory Slots: 35

(Digital or Boxed)

Character Slots: 4
Loadouts: 5
Ark Keycode Maximum: 75
Inventory Slots: 70
Existing characters will retain any extra inventory slots they have.
30-Day Paradise Patron Pass
Grant of 1000 Arkforge
Arkforge can be used to refine and upgrade weapons:
Reroll weapon mastery bonus
Increase power rating
Increase rarity

The Paradise Patron subscription mentioned is an additional, optional service that offers "a wide array of boosts and bonuses to maximize your Defiance experience."
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By Voqar (SI Core Veteran) on May 02, 2014
Um, it's pretty much F2P now. Whatever you pay up front is really cheap. It's a decent game but I don't see how this is going to really change things much. Losers who are too cheap to cough up the currently trivial fee aren't going to spend money if they manage to suck them in by removing the fee.

F2P is such garbage. Make games worth playing and you wouldn't need gimmicks to get people to play. Encourage people to actually PLAY instead of pay 2 win. Who wants to be in games full of losers who'd rather buy game data than play to get it?