Microsoft job listing seeks 'principal lead' for "established and well-loved" strategy IP
Posted: 07.05.2014 16:25 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
There are doings afoot over at Microsoft's Redmond campus as they want a senior games developer to join their team who are working on "an established and well-loved" strategy franchise. It's a AAA project.

No Windows Phone exclusive nonsense presumably, and PC might be getting some Microsoft love after all. Age of Empires is Microsoft's strategy flagship series.

What platforms this new entry in an established franchise will hit isn't mentioned, but surely PC would be front and center, with maybe Xbox One taking a flanking position.

"Microsoft Studios is looking for a highly experienced senior games developer to help build and lead the team for a new AAA title within an established and well-loved strategy game franchise," reads the listing on the Microsoft Careers website. The ad is for a 'Software Development Engineer Lead' to work at the Redmond campus.

Age of Empires Online was the last effort with the IP which started up in 2011 and will end July 1st, 2014. The original creator of the RTS franchise, Ensemble Studios, was closed down in 2008. At the time Microsoft denied it was the end for the franchise, and so it looks like we may finally see something again.

It's possible Microsoft may pass over Age of Empires for Ensembles other work - Halo Wars - which was a console RTS.
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By nocutius (SI Elite) on May 10, 2014
It's been a while so a new version will be welcome as long as it's not another "free" to play mess. If it wont be a proper AAA RTS I don't care.