Linux version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown spotted in Steam database
Posted: 08.05.2014 13:43 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown has had its cover blown by a nosy-parker who spotted the turn-based strategy lurking within the Steam database with penguins of a dubious nature. It's possible they're extra-terrestrial.

Steam has been making a big push for Linux especially as their SteamOS is based off it. It makes sense Firaxis would want their XCOM reboot ready for Steam Machines.

Six days ago 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mac and Linux for Beta Testing' became an entry in the Steam database, alongside 'X-Com Combo Testing Locked'.

This anomaly was spotted by Gaming On Linux, with the following SteamDB update spotted:

Changed UFS
rootoverrides/2/os: linux
rootoverrides/2/oscompare: =
rootoverrides/2/pathtransforms/1/find: My Games/XCOM - Enemy Unknown/XComGame
rootoverrides/2/pathtransforms/1/replace: feral-interactive/XCOM/SaveData
rootoverrides/2/pathtransforms/2/find: My Games/XCOM - Enemy Within/XComGame
rootoverrides/2/pathtransforms/2/replace: feral-interactive/XCOM/XEW/SaveData
rootoverrides/2/root: WinMyDocuments
rootoverrides/2/useinstead: LinuxXdgDataHome

Firaxis are working on a new Civilization which takes to the stars, and is homage to Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.
Source: VG247
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By Voqar (SI Core Veteran) on May 08, 2014
Two people just cheered. Oh. Yay. Creating software for OSes with no market share is logical!