'Festival of Four Winds' event for Guild Wars 2 marks MMO's China launch
Posted: 13.05.2014 15:21 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
ArenaNet has used their event in Beijing to announce a new global update for Guild Wars 2 called 'Festival of Four Winds', which will mark the the MMO's May 15th launch in China.

The event arrives May 20th and a new trailer is out. It will be Guild Wars 2's first "truly global game update." It will be subscription-free in China, once purchased.

NCSoft teamed up with Chinese publisher KongZhong to celebrate the impending launch this week, with an event held in Beijing to mark the occasion and unveil new content.

"We wanted to provide the best possible MMO experience for Chinese players, so we joined forces with KongZhong, an ambitious partner who shared our passion for quality," said ArenaNet president and co-founder Mike O’Brien. “Together we've spent eighteen months preparing – meeting with Chinese players and guild leaders to get their feedback, and working on every little detail of the game. Finally we're ready to open our arms and join with China as one global community."

The Zephyrites return in Festival of Four Winds to honour their trade agreement with Lion's Arch, which was largely destroyed in the climax of the last series of events featuring villain Scarlet. Players will be participating in events that will raise funds for the repair and reconstruction of the city. Queen Jennah's Gauntlet returns with new challengers.

Festival of Four Winds releases May 20th.

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