Codemasters detail racing and vehicle progression in GRID Autosport
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A new lengthy blog from Codemasters gets into the nuts and bolts of GRID Autosport's multiplayer side, with the game's racing and vehicle progression system explained. It's similar to that of online shooters.

Always gunning for that next badge or unlock is exactly what Codemasters would like to capture for GRID Autosport's "long-game experience". They've hoarded GRID 2 feedback.

Not only are the teaming taking fan suggestions seriously but they've got enough new ideas of their own, and now they start discussing some of them in this latest dev blog.

For instance, Autosport has a number of driving disciplines to choose from - Touring, Endurance, Open-Wheel, Tuner and Street - which means each will have its own XP level, "reflecting how well you’ve mastered each different aspect of motorsport>" An overall XP level combines each discipline and is used to attract sponsors and garage space.

"While you can focus on your favourite Discipline to level-up and unlock these benefits, it will take longer than a player who distributes their efforts across all 5 Disciplines. If you haven’t unlocked extra garage slots and you’re running out of space, it may be time to consider selling an older car and replacing it with something new!"

Codemasters are also carrying over GRID 2's Global Challenge mode into Autosport with the RaceNet Challenge, which breaks down across the disciplines with six challenges every week, "one from each Discipline, plus one “wildcard” challenge which may use an unusual track and vehicle combination to really test your skills."

There's also an Online Custom Cup which lets us decide the exact rules of a particular event and dish out rewards according to the difficulty. "In GRID Autosport, you can even make a Custom Cup pay out more than a Playlist event if you make it tough enough!" There are numerous settings to tweak from manual only, to locking cameras to cockpits.

A Party Mode offers fun race types such as the legendary 'Demolition Derby', which is why by either crossing the finish line first or simply being the last car still running. Check out the racing and vehicle progression blog for more.

GRID Autosport releases on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 June 24th in the US, 27th in EU.

Source: Codemasters
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By nocutius (SI Elite) on May 15, 2014
I don't really enjoy driving games too much cause I don't own a wheel but I still try to dabble in them now and then and this one sounds ambitious, maybe I'll give it a go a couple of years later when it gets cheap.