First major update to The Elder Scrolls Online due this week
Posted: 21.05.2014 16:30 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Zenimax has confirmed the first major update for their newly launched MMO The Elder Scrolls Online will be arriving this week, tomorrow or Friday. It features the new Craglorn Adventure Zone with new story and quests.

It offers four-player quests for groups and the new twelve-player Trials. Testing for the update is now wrapping up and Zenimax plan updates every four-to-six weeks.

Five days of game time were issued to early subscribers to the new MMO in compensation for the troubled launch, with Xbox One and PS4 versions delayed by six months.

"I think weíre still at the tail-end of six weeks, I could be wrong there, itís all a blur! But weíre either in the sixth week or the seventh with this update and I believe our next update is fairly on schedule," Zenimax told IGN. "When we released we talked about our plans rather than 'this is exactly what itís going to be' Ė weíre generally pretty careful about the language."

"I think any plan like that can be disrupted if something unforeseen happens. But right now we have the second update lined up and ready to go onto the PTS once we launch Craglorn, and thatís coming soon. Thatíll be the Veteran Dungeon, Crypt of Hearts." Check out the trailers below for Adventure Zone Craglorn and the new Trails update.

Source: IGN