Cross-platform update for War Thunder due in "immediate future"
Posted: 30.05.2014 13:31 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Gaijin Entertainment will release an update soon for free-to-play MMO War Thunder that will enable cross-platform play between PC and PlayStation 4. The Ground Forces expansion is due June 5th on PS4.

There's no specific date for this major update but Gaijin did say its due in the "immediate future", and Thursday next week sounds rather immediate and futuristic enough.

War Thunder has recently let its millions of users get their hands on armoured vehicles, combining the love of tank treads with the swooping of aeronautical death machines.

"Cross Platform gameplay feature will be released in the immediate future, which will establish War Thunder as the first next-generation game to achieve PS4 and PC compatibility," proclaimed Gaijin.

The studio is proud they're among the very first to support such cross-platform play with War Thunder having over 7 million registered users, most of which are on PC. It's set during World War II with planes, tanks and boats and includes aircraft from the US, the Soviet Union, Germany, the UK, Australia, Italy and Japan.

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By nocutius (SI Elite) on May 30, 2014
Unless the PS4 crowd can opt-out I can't see this having a good effect, there's no way a gamepad can compete with a mouse. We already have people flying with sticks complaining about people using the mouse having an unfair advantage and those sticks are basically designed for flight first and foremost.
I don't see them being able to compete in ground warfare either.

I guess I'll be proven right/wrong pretty soon :).