New screenshots show the remastered world of Metro Redux
Posted: 02.06.2014 08:46 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
Metro Redux, the remastered re-release of both entries in the post-apocalyptic series, is coming to PC and next-gen consoles this Summer. Developers 4A Games have released a new set of screenshots showcasing an upgraded lighting system and other visual improvements.

Developed in-house by 4A, Redux combines 2010's Metro 2033 and 2013's Metro: Last Light into one package, with the former game recreated with the advanced graphics engine of the latter. Expect advanced lighting techniques, dynamic weather, improved particle effects and more.

As well as those graphical upgrades, the remastered version Metro 2033 will contain edited cutscenes and gameplay; all cutscenes will now happen seamlessly in first-person as in Last Light, and new levels and missions will bridge previously awkward chapter transitions together. There's also two new difficulty modes, Survival and Spartan, the former a more slow-paced survival horror affair, the latter more similar to Last Light's action-orientated approach.

When it hits this Summer, the physical retail compilation of Metro Redux will contain both games for $49.99. Digital download versions will be released separately, as Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux, for $24.99 each.