Kalypso reveal list of planned changes for upcoming Tropico 5 patch
Posted: 04.06.2014 11:45 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
Developer Kalypso Media has compiled a list of planned changes for the upcoming Tropico 5 patch 1.02. The developers stress that at this point the list is still tentative, and that testing continues.

"Hola Tropicans! New opportunity awaits and we have compiled a tentative preview changelog for the upcoming update 1.02," a developer post on the game's official forum reads. "This should give you an idea of what we're working on and which issues have already been addressed. We will continue testing and release this update asap if we don't find any major showstoppers. Note all of the above is TENTATIVE until release.

Thank you all for your patience and feedback!"

Here's the changelog so far:

- Multiplayer: Number of players in each chat room now displayed
- Multiplayer: Fixed several UI issues
- Multiplayer: Added game speed setting when creating multiplayer games
- Multiplayer: Chat room names are now displayed properly
- Multiplayer: Fixed an issue with Aircraft Carriers not working properly
- Multiplayer: Proper handling of players with identical names
- Added option to rebind camera keys
- Added a repair/rebuild all option for damaged/destroyed buildings
- Beauty and pollution now properly affect housing quality of residential buildings
- Rebalanced upgrades: Research Projects (College), Small Hadron Collider (Research Lab), Totally Natural (Pharmaceutical Company)
- Rebalanced number of workers in Uranium Automated Mines
- Census edict now properly applies its effect on activation
- Fixed rare endless black screen freeze related to disasters
- Fixed rare freeze during combat
- Fixed some task chain issues
- Fixed missing buildings in Almanac list
- Fixed freezing construction office trucks
- Thoughts now respect gender of the citizen
- Improved OS version check at startup
- Improved GPU autodetection on startup
- Fixed campaign freeze on loading screen
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