Stardock CEO claims company's poorest-selling DLC still more profitable than most iOS and Android apps
Posted: 06.06.2014 10:52 by nickhorth1 Comments: 1
Strategy developer Stardock released its Annual Customer Report for 2014 yesterday, and the document contained some interesting tidbits of information.

Alongside the fairly impressive fact that the company has a whopping eight games in development right now, CEO Brad Wardell also claims that Stardock's poorest-selling DLC is more financially viable than almost any iOS and Android app.

Known almost exclusively for their PC titles, Stardock have apparently been scouting out the mobile market, but remain unconvinced. “Our poorest-selling DLC for PC games generates more income than nearly every iOS or Android developer app we’ve gotten numbers for,” said Wardell.

Perhaps the most high-profile game the studio is working on right now would be Galactic Cvilizations III, but according to the report their biggest financial success so far is a fellow space game, the RTS combat title Sins of a Solar Empire.

Another interesting little nugget is that the team are already working on another Elemental game, with the turn-based fantasy series slowly turning out to be one of the most promising, fast-growing franchises that Stardock owns. The next installment "will include crafting, asymmetrical gameplay, spell research, and have a much greater focus on magic battling,” says Wardell.
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By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jun 06, 2014
Good to hear that Stardock is doing so well, they deserve it.