Z The Game returns to PC on Steam Tomorrow
Posted: 03.07.2014 13:32 by Jamie Davey Comments: 15
Everyone remembers Z The Game right? That classic RTS game featuring rocket fuelled robots lead by a memorable character named Commander Zod.

Well, the 21st Century reissue of The Bitmap Brothers' classic is now available according to digital publisher Kiss' press release, although we've just checked the listing on Steam and it says 4th July, which is tomorrow...

This version of Z The Game is said to be a "faithful and thoroughly modern reworking" of the classic Bitmap title, "retaining its offbeat comedy and addictive real-time strategy game play". We haven't been able to check it out ourselves yet, so we aren't sure what changes they've made, if any, but the press release does say that it contains everything from the original version; including those crazy comedy cut scenes that I was so fond of back in 1996.

"Itís finally here, and Iím pleased to say that Z: The Game on PC is everything we wanted it to be," said Managing Director of Kavcom, Tony Kavanagh. "Weíve built it from scratch for todayís PCís, but have keept all of The Bitmap Brothersí unique style, humour and attitude. Iím sure Z fans old and new will just love it."

It was actually only a few weeks back that I was looking for a version of Z that would run on modern PCs since my old copy has vanished, but it looks like my wish has been granted, thanks to Kavcom and Kiss.

It will be available to purchase from Steam on 4th July, but if we see it up on any other digital stores we'll let you know.


By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jul 03, 2014
I do actually remember that, wow x3
By Mikimax (SI Member) on Jul 03, 2014
Old school :)
By Hammerjinx (SI Core) on Jul 04, 2014
Ah, yes. The first RTS game I played where a rapid land-grab was basically required for victory. It did feel a bit unfair that it heavily advantaged the player who was already winning tho.
By JamieSI (SI Core) on Jul 04, 2014
There are dodging tactics involved as well though! The light tank was best for this, but you could do it with the other ones as well. I used to love using Snipers in APC's as well, you could take out a lot of stuff that way by keeping just out of range.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jul 04, 2014
I loved this game, I think it influenced me into loving strategy games even more than Red Alert cause I played it slightly before I did Red Alert, I hadn't played neither the original C&C or Warcraft at the time yet. Truly a classic.
By Hammerjinx (SI Core) on Jul 04, 2014
Mm. I got the RTS itch on Dune2. So good, at the time. So dated now.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jul 04, 2014
For some reason people around me didn't seem to play strategy games all that much so it took me a bit to truly discover the genre, in the days where the only source of info were friends and later gaming magazines I think I can be excused a bit. I also never played the original Dune until Dune 2000 started to become a bit more hyped for the same reason, I simply didn't know about these games before.
By JamieSI (SI Core) on Jul 04, 2014
Z, C&C Tib Dawn, Red Alert, KKND, Myth, War of the Worlds and Warcraft II are probably the best Strategy games ever made. I'm probably missing one though.
By Hammerjinx (SI Core) on Jul 05, 2014
Starcraft? That was/is pretty awesome.

I quite liked TA, but it lacked charisma in the long run.

There's also quite a good range of strategy games that are not RTS.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jul 05, 2014
Actually, I didn't like it at the time as the market was flooded with flesh and blood RTS's. Don't feel I'll fall for it this time either with so many titles just released surrounding the ACW, with "Victory At Sea", a WWII naval strategy game which looks fantastic and "Stronghold Crusader II" to save for.
By JamieSI (SI Core) on Jul 05, 2014
Dune II was the first one I played, I actually missed out Dune2K and Emperor battle for dune as well. All great soundtracks.
By Exradicator (SI Newbie) on Jul 05, 2014
@Jamie SI you are forgetting the first Age of Empires :)
I think that that era was the golden age of strategy games....there was Heroes of Might and Magic II too (although not an RTS). So many good memories!
By JamieSI (SI Core) on Jul 06, 2014
@Exradicator True! I am indeed. Age of Empires, especially the second one, was brilliant. I loved how you could build castles and walls everywhere, great for sieges.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jul 06, 2014
I think I might be the only gamer alive who enjoyed "AoE", but not the Medieval second title. Just seemed like the same game with a fresh coat of paint to me. Preferred "Stronghold" myself.
By Mindrax (SI Core) on Jul 26, 2014
Dune II was also my first RTS and what great times that were!
Spent hours on my Amiga with that game :)