Call of Duty: Avanced Warfare audio dev diary promises weighty guns and meticulously recorded explosions
Posted: 09.07.2014 10:33 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developer Sledgehammer Games has posted a new dev diary video studying the futuristic shooter's sound design.

Audio director Don Veca says the team have been hard at work creating meaty, satisfying gun sounds and making each and every explosion sound unique. Which is impressive, considering there will probably be a lot of explosions.

"Right off the bat one of the things gamers are going to notice is the huge improvement to the weapons," says Veca. "That sound goes through your body, you don't just go and record a weapon, you try to create that feeling to make it feel like you're really there."

He goes on to explain how the team has been "building intelligence into their systems" and recreating environmental effects in order to make sure players "never hear the same impact or explosion twice".

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
will be out November 4 on PC and consoles.