EA pulls the plug on support for The Sims 2, but offers free Ultimate Version
Posted: 18.07.2014 08:55 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
Bad news: EA is ending all support for The Sims 2, by which they mean updates and new content. Good news: everybody who had a digital copy of the core game will receive the entire catalog of expansions for free.

Anybody who's eligible for the free copy of the game's Ultimate Edition will see it pop up in their Origin account "within the next 5 days".

EA announced the move in a post on their support page, writing the following; "Going forward, EA will no longer be providing any new content or making any additional technical updates to The Sims 2. If you have a problem with your game, you are of course still welcome to contact us here at EA Help."

The Sims 2: Ultimate Edition packs in eight expansions and ten item packs, so this isn't a bad deal if you're feeling nostalgic. It marks the end of a ten-year lifespan for the second installment of the popular lifestyle game, dotted with thousands of innocent lives lost as omniscient superbeings looked down from on high, removed all the steps from the swimming pools and trapped helpless Sims in tiny walled-off rooms filled with faulty ovens.

It definitely had toddlers and pools in it, too.

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