World of Tanks update 9.2 adds base-building Strongholds mode
Posted: 31.07.2014 09:03 by nickhorth1 Comments: 1
Update 9.2 for World of Tanks is now available in all regions, and it brings with it new clan functionality, reworked maps, HD tank models a new game mode, Strongholds.

Strongholds is designed for clans, and allows a Clan Commander create a virtual base for his squaddies which gives them periodic buffs, known as Orders, in whichever game mode they're playing in. They can then build up their base by earning Industrial Resources, which will improve the quality and quantity of Order buffs.

“We are very excited to introduce the first iteration of Strongholds to World of Tanks,” said Anton Pankov, executive publishing prodcuer at Wargaming. “It is an extremely engaging game mode that combines tactics, strategy and action elements, bringing more depth to the World of Tanks metagame. Strongholds will evolve over time based on feedback from the World of Tanks community.”

It looks a bit like a sort of base-building mini-game you might find on Facebook. It's available through the game client and right now "has no connection to Clan Wars or any other activities on the Global Map". So sadly you can't order a mass tank charge into your rival's base and blow up everything he's been working for while laughing like a maniac. Add that in the next patch, Wargaming.

In addition to the new mode there's a bunch of other additions, including new models for the Soviet IS and SU-100, the German StuG III and the British Churchill I, and "improvements to eight in-game maps that have been reworked based on player requests".

For the full rundown, check out the World of Tanks official website.

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By MeanSerbian (SI Veteran Member) on Jul 31, 2014
omg how many more updates can they possibly add?