Players reporting payment issues with Curse of Naxxramas' Plague Quarter
Posted: 31.07.2014 10:02 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
Hearthstone players are reporting various bugs that prevent them from gaining access to the Plague Quarter dungeon in the game's Curse of Naxxramas expansion.

Some players are finding they've accidentally managed to buy multiple copies of the DLC, while others find themselves without the content despite handing over the cash.

Blizzard is asking players to remain patient while they look into the issues - the company says it currently "doesn't have the ability to provide refunds for purchases that may have gone awry due to these ongoing issues", but claims it is working to deliver the content "and address billing concerns".

The first expansion for Hearthstone, Curse of Naxxramas is split into several themed dungeon Wings, with players able to grab all five for £13.99 or each individually for £4.99 (700 in-game coins). The Plague Quarter is the second of these to be released.

"We are currently investigating issues affecting Hearthstone players since the launch of Curse of Naxxramas' Plague Quarter," Blizzard confirmed in a recent statement. They also directed players with said issues to check out this forum thread for more information. Right now they're focusing on the following:

- Multiple purchases of the Plague Quarter completed on a single Hearthstone account (gold, cash, or iTunes).
- Purchase was completed, but the content was not received. - Intermittent closing of the In Game Shop.
- Long "Waiting for Authorization" delays during purchasing.

The Hearthstone shop is now open again after a short closure, but you may want to hold off buying anything until Blizzard has this sorted out.