New Titanfall update introduces the Black Market‏
Posted: 31.07.2014 10:34 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
Respawn is introducing a new 'Black Market' for its next Titanfall update, meaning players will be able to buy and sell the game's Burn Cards using in-game credits.

If that sounds like the developer might be hoping to make a sneaky bit of extra cash from real cash micro-transactions, fear not - "NO MICROTRANSACTIONS!," they roar defiantly. "The only way to get Credits is by playing the game!"

You'll unlock access to the market at level 11, allowing you to use credits earned in your multiplayer heroics to purchase Burn Cards and other customisation items, including new decals for your Titans. Respawn say they're looking at adding other new items to the market, but are remaining tight-lipped about what those might be for now.

In other news you can now try your hand at up to nine Daily Challenges at once, picking up three new ones every day. Respawn has also bunged Campaign game mode in with the other available modes. "It will rotate through all maps over and over and you can join at any point," the developer explains.

And, most importantly, there's a metric tonne of new bug fixes. You can check the full list out here. Game Update Five is out now.

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