Veteran character Kano definitely returning in Mortal Kombat X
Posted: 05.08.2014 11:02 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
We're slowly piecing together the roster for NetherRealm's next gory brawler, Mortal Kombat X - aside from a surprising number of new characters, several old hands will return.

One of those is metal-headed mercenary Kano, a man who clearly cheats in every tournament by blasting people with his laser eye. Mind you, doesn't Stryker actually shoot people? This sporting event clearly needs some kind of regulatory body.

Kano's appearance was revealed by Twitter user Westcoastkilla, who appears to have swiped some images from a German games magazine.

It's not hugely surprising that Kano's back, as he's something of a series regular. Still, with all the new guys running about it's nice to see some familiar faces. more characters are expected to be revealed at Gamescom this month.

Mortal Kombat X is expected in June 2015 for PC and consoles.
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