Classic space opera Wing Commander 3 available for free on Origin
Posted: 06.08.2014 09:07 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
EA has made classic space combat game Wing Commander 3 available for free on Origin via its 'On the House' programme.

If you've ever wanted to strap into the seat of a space fighter alongside Mark Hamill and fight an aggressive empire of cat people, here's your chance.

I'd forgotten just how amazing the cast is. Alongside Mark Hamill (still likeable as ever, but playing a slightly gruffer character here than usual) there's Malcolm McDowell, John Rhy-Davies and Tom Curry (obviously). All fine actors who happily embrace schlocky B-movies, and do a satisfyingly hammy job here. There's even a giant cat wingmate called Hobbes. And it's all shot in classic retro FMV style. Wonderful.

More than anything it makes me nostalgic for the golden age of space combat games. I was obsessed, obsessed with Wing Commander, X Wing and, particularly, TIE Fighter (simply my favourite ever game) when I discovered them as a kid. It's exciting to think that with Wing Commander 3 creator Chris Roberts hard at work on Star Citizen, and the ambitious Elite Dangerous raising heads, we might just see a revival of a long-lost, much loved genre.

No word on how long this promotion will run for, so grab Wing Commander 3 here while you can.