Every English Premier League stadium will be modeled in FIFA 15
Posted: 11.08.2014 10:57 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
EA is certainly pushing the boat out when it comes to licensing in FIFA 15 - every single Premier League stadium will be fully modeled, for the first time in the series to date.

In addition the game will feature 200 new player head scans and a new goal-line technology system. Prepare to be very annoyed when some lanky defender scoops your potential match-winning volley neatly off the line.

There's definitely a Premier League focus to FIFA 15. Which is unsurprising, considering the bucketloads of money involved there. Alongside those licensed stadiums and the previously announced unique crowd chants (the non-rude ones) specific to certain clubs, the game will also use the signature broadcast graphics from Premier League TV broadcasts. Which is... exciting, I guess.

All we need now for total realism is over-priced snack food and a fat man in a replica shirt two sizes too small for him shouting in your ear throughout the whole match. Check out the recently announced features in detail here. FIFA 15 is out this September on PC and consoles.

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