Games biz "may see a downturn" eventually says SCEE's Reeves
Posted: 17.12.2008 11:51 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
David Reeves, president of SCEE, has said in an interview it's "difficult to explain" why the PlayStation continues to reach EU projections.

He says it could be "parents don't want to disappoint their children" but he says the industry is far from recession-proof. We might feel the pinch eventually but not right now.

While many may opt to stay indoors and invest in home entertainment, the videogames industry is "not recession-proof, of course," he tells Dutch TV station RTL.

"I don't think any industry is, and eventually we may see a downturn."

"For the moment we're seeing that our sales for both hardware and software are hitting projections in most countries in Europe," he added.

"Difficult to explain: it could be that parents don't want to disappoint their children in buying PlayStations, or whether it’s the competition as well… or maybe it's because people are spending more time at home and this is a safe haven, rather than going out to restaurants or spending money on buying cars and fridges and things like that."

Despite Sony's announcement to reduce the workforce by 8,000 jobs, there will be no staff losses at SCEE "at all" claimed Reeves.

Source: VG247
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By Revan (SI Elite) on Dec 28, 2008
"parents don't want to disappoint their children in buying PlayStations"??! Well, they could always get their kids a 360... :)