Devil Stops Crying, Hits Over A Million Downloads
Posted: 12.02.2008 02:59 by Comments: 2
Devil May Cry 4, which we recently reviewed, also happens to have certain wide appeal. On Xbox Live, over a million people have downloaded the demo, which is currently the most of the year. Sure, the year just started, but that's a high point to set so early.

Not only that, but Capcom let us know that according to Microsoft, it's also the fastest downloaded demo on XBL, reaching its numbers faster than anyone else. Guess everyone wanted to see if the game was a hit or miss. Good thing the demo delivered.

No word on how well it's doing on PSN though. Mike Bowden downloaded both and if you still haven't decided which version to go for, maybe you should read our preview and see if that sways you?
Here's what Capcom had to say about it:

Quick email to let you know that on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2008, Capcom's Devil May Cry 4 demo on the Xbox LIVE service passed its one millionth download, and is still going!
According to Microsoft, not only is this the first demo of the year to hit a million downloads, but its also one of the fastest downloads to hit the one million mark in the history of the LIVE service. The demo appeared on the network January 24, and has been averaging over 25,000 downloads a day ever since. Additionally, the game has been a huge hit at retail, with reorders coming from major retailers within days of the game's release.

[news via Capcom]


By hunter612 (SI Core) on Feb 12, 2008
guess Dante may live longer than advertised!
By Praetorian (SI Core) on Feb 12, 2008
A million downloads hmmm...This is ona be good .