Gamer starts EVE 'credit crunch', pinches assets worth 86 billion
Posted: 23.01.2009 14:14 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
It has been reported that a virtual 'Investment Banker' for EVE Online has paid tribute to the real world financial crisis by pilfering billions.

Player run Dynasty Banking, has issued an apology to fellow gamers guarantees they have enough reserve "assets to cover this loss" and keep going. No, this isn't a joke - it happened.

Seriously. With 'maturity' comes the greater risk of financial embezzlement and corporate wrong doing it seems. A number of player-led institutions have employed safeguards to keep 'employees' from dipping into the coffers.

"This ISK lost due to Xabier only effects Dynasty Banking's equity balance, so we still have more than enough assets to cover all deposits and will resume business per usual," said Manalapan, Dynasty Banking's chairman. Stop sniggering, videogamer.

Unlike the real world though, fellow financer EBANK has stated that if necessary they would ride in and save the day. "From what I have seen after talking to Manalapan it's quite likely EBANK won't need to assist at all but it can't hurt to have that extra backup just in case," said Ricdic, Managing Director for EBANK.

It just goes to show how far the MMO genre has come I guess.

Source: Massively