Videogames run victory lap, outsell DVD and Blu-ray by $3 billion
Posted: 26.01.2009 13:05 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
2008 saw the videogame outsell both DVD and Blu-ray as sales increased 20%, compared with their 6% shrinkage.

Videogames sales topped $32 billion last year with DVD and Blu-ray media at $29 billion reveal Media Control GfK International. Games to take 57% of total packaged media this year.

Overall packaged media grew 6% globally to reach $61 billion in trade. Games are expected to continue to grow their market dominance and take the lion's share once again with 57% over the next 12 months; previously now having taken 53% in '08 and 47% before that.

While DVD and Blu-ray are expected to drop another 4%, Blu-ray itself plans to more than double sales thanks to cheaper Blu-ray players and the PS3.

Amy Heller, GfK's US president, said their forecasts for the mid-year had been lower than they had predicted because of the current economic downturn. Still, videogames are up and that's what matters to us.

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