Resi Evil 5 "loosely" a survival horror game, entirely co-op design
Posted: 26.01.2009 13:51 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
Capcom's Chris Kramer has admitted that this latest Resident Evil is no longer stalking spooky hallways alone, but embracing the "action hero".

Aside from having the largest collection of weaponry ever in the series, the "whole game is designed from ground up" for co-op play, never losing your pal. It's a 'big leap forward'.

"Resident Evil 5 can still loosely be considered a survival horror game," commented Kramer. In comparison to number 4 though its "more exciting, more action with more tension."

"You have the ability to feel more like an action hero," he continued. "You will have the largest Arsenal of weapons in a Resident Evil game to date." No complaints there.

"The whole game is designed from ground up for co-op," Kramer added. "There will never be a point where Sheva is knocked on the head or stolen by Gremlins." DLC might add that - you never know.

"It's totally changed the Resident Evil experience and it’s as big a leap forward for the series as Resident Evil 4 was." A leap too far or has the market got tired of hunting for mansion keys with strange symbols on them?

Source: VG247


By Orv (SI Core) on Jan 27, 2009
Kudos for coop! We need far more of this offered for games.
By JamieSI (SI Core) on Jan 27, 2009
The Resident Evil 5 co-op system is a good system to go with to, it works very well.

Did you get a chance to check out the Xbox 360 demo Orv? If you own a 360 right now, it is worth checking out. Only two levels to choose from, but it gives a good example of how the co-op function works.

We could be hearing about a PC version soon, stay tuned.