EVE Online's "unstable" wormholes to mix things up, details spill
Posted: 27.01.2009 10:22 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Wormholes will soon be littering EVE Online in a random fashion as they open pilots to new and possibly unexplored solar systems.

There are "no stargates or stations" in these systems, and they aren't instanced but randomly picked from "one of the thousands" each time. The final frontier just got crazier.

"These wormholes are unstable and will spawn and vanish randomly throughout the known universe," blogged CCP Whisper.

"A pilot who stumbles across one of these stellar phenomena can fly through it and travel to unknown space, where there are no stargates or stations, just the unexplored void of a new solar system. And when I say "new solar system" that is exactly what I mean."

"It will not be moving you to instanced space but rather to one of the thousands of new solar systems we will be adding to the EVE universe."

These wormholes are the result of a "cataclysmic event" throughout New Eden space. This and a lot more is being added to the game in the upcoming Apocrypha expansion to EVE Online.

"Wormholes will shift all the time. They will open and close and reopen at random locations throughout New Eden and thus present you with an ever-changing area of space that no-one can control all the choke-points to."

"We have not forgotten about the desirability of space for colonisation, and will be looking at ways to implement that gameplay feature in the future."

Source: VG247