Year of the video game: the almost Olympics sport
Posted: 26.02.2008 09:43 by Comments: 0
Thought 2007 was a great year for video games? Please. 2008 is where its at! Not just 2008, but the Olympics specifically, where the Chinese government has recently made playing video games an official, honest-to-goodness sport. Thankfully, someone nearby is making good use of that.

GGL, the Global Gaming League based in Santa Monica, is working with the Chinese government to make the best out of the Olympic games. While it isn't officially part of the Olympics (shucks!), there will be a big Olympics-styled tournament going on in Shanghei (the games will be mainly in Beijing). And, amazingly, it's "believe[d] the crowds we'll get will be far larger than for the Olympic games themselves."

Check out the full story, because it may be the best media coverage video games will get in a very long time.
Source: Fortune