'I Am Alive' no longer with indie Darkworks, moved to Ubi Shanghai
Posted: 09.03.2009 13:37 by Simon Priest Comments: 4
Ubisoft has revealed that Darkworks, an independent development studio in Paris, will hand over the project to Ubi's Shanghai team.

The publisher says in order to meet a new deadline and because of Darkworks "having other obligations", they both "mutually decided" to reallocate I Am Alive to another studio team.

"In order to respect the new launch date for this ambitious title, and Darkworks having other obligations, we have mutually decided to complete development of I Am Alive at Ubisoft Shanghai, as the two studios have collaborated on aspects of the title over the past year," stated Ubisoft.

"The team at Darkworks has respected its contractual obligations on the project and will be a part of the success of the game when it launches."

Ubisoft Shangai is responsible for the recent Tom Clancy's EndWar as well as handling projects within the Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon franchises. I Am Alive is due sometime before March 2010 in order to make this fiscal year for Ubi.

Source: CVG
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By Hamarik (SI Core) on Mar 09, 2009
They just could have to transfer their workers to the project that has new deadline and than they would finish this game too. Better few and good worker than much and bad workers!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Mar 09, 2009
That's the reason they buy off whole teams, usually those who already have some experience, made good games and have been noticed by the big guys. They start working as co-workers and eventually make good stuff. :)
By AdamBoozer (SI Member) on Mar 09, 2009
Will be interesting to see how this one is going to turn out now that two teams have had there hands on the reigns of this project.
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Mar 10, 2009
They will make a good title if they co-operate very well... But there is no reason to believe this title is going to be bad. There are many good predictions for it. :)