NHL 10 for PC and PS2 offers 'no profit', EA cans them apparently
Posted: 19.03.2009 12:30 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
According to Hockey Download's user 'Drezz', EA will be foregoing a PC and PS2 version of NHL 10 because revenue "wasn't high enough" last time around.

Instead focus has been shifted entirely onto the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the EA Sports franchise. This news from EA's Ryan Nicholas says 'Drezz', PC/PS2's NHL producer.

"...NHL10 will NOT be produced for the PC/PS2," posts the forum veteran. "As of now, the division in charge of putting out hockey games for those platforms have been reassigned to work on the console versions (XBOX 360 and PS3)."

"I've been in contact with Ryan Nicholas who is the current producer of the NHL games for PC/PS2 for the last 2-3 years," 'Drezz' cites as his source.

"Due to economic concerns, the separate PC version wasn't worth putting manpower into - I don't blame them, since the revenue from PC sales wasn't high enough to create a significant profit for the company." There's been no official word from EA yet.

This isn't likely to cause much of an outrage, or even a ripple, not like the NFL announcement a while back now that almost had EA Sports' boss Peter Moore lynched by his family jewels.

Source: Eurogamer
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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Mar 19, 2009
The interest in sports games on the PC has dropped markedly, mainly because of poor releases (NBA Live series is in the toilet now). Obviously putting the kybosh on a PS2 release is to push the PS3 down everyone's throat.
By hunter612 (SI Core) on Mar 20, 2009
Gah....Well yeah....I did play NHL on one would play it on PC unless they were an absolute addict...I dont blame EA though...I just hope that this doesnt affect other games from being released on know it could trigger off a domino effect.