BioWare allows "gay" terms again, censorship was to prevent 'derogatory insults'
Posted: 29.04.2009 11:22 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
The recent little issue of thorns over on the Star Wars The Old Republic forum has come to an end, originally a thread discuss homosexuality seemed to fall foul of moderators.

Now BioWare's Sean Dalhberg insists at the time it was to deal with bad apples being un-Star Wars like to others, adding that "no one was suspended or banned" except for flamers (the troll kind).

"I would like to clarify that no one was suspended or banned from this website for any discussions on this subject with the exception of individuals who were being derogatory and insulting to others," posted Dalhberg.

"Those posts have been removed and the posters dealt with. But, just to be clear, the original poster on this topic was not suspended or banned."

Looks like Star Wars and homosexual types are compatible after all, despite BioWare saying such terms "do not exist in Star Wars" earlier. Looks like they told a big fib then.

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