Geometry Wars: Galaxies review
Posted: 25.02.2008 16:14 by Comments: 1
Geometry Wars: Galaxies, the sequel to what was originally a bonus-game in an Xbox title, has been hailed as immensely entertaining. Joe Bennet played the DS version of the game. What does he think about this title? Read the review and find out.

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Conclusion (7.8):
Despite all the negativity mentioned, Geometry Wars Galaxies is still one of the best DS games available, and certainly the best shoot-em-up on the handheld. Its transition from 360 to DS has lost very little (and gained much more) and it comes highly recommended as a must-have purchase. The negatives will annoy some more than others, the slowdown and hand-cramp certainly got on my nerves after a few hours play, but it still didnít stop me putting in more hours than I needed to in order to review the game. In the space of only a few days, Iíve amassed a total of 17 hours playtime, much more than was required for the review. Iíd still out of choice play the 360 version, but I canít take the 360 with me on the bus or play it on the sofa whilst the wife is watching an episode of Eastenders.

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By JamieSI (SI Core) on Feb 26, 2008
It&#039;s actually a great game, don&#039;t judge until you try ;)