Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements review
Posted: 25.02.2008 19:44 by Comments: 6
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (PC) arrived with mixed reviews from critics and players alike. Brought to us by French developer Arkane Studios, and based on the solid, if aging, Source Engine. Well, the game has been ported to the 360, and in the process received some extra levels for the single-player mode, a tune-up for the multiplayer mode, bug fixes and some console port downgrades (inherent to the PC-to-console switch - we all know the intrinsic inferiority of the console vs the PC. Muahahah). We did not review the PC version, however Emmanuel Brown played the game for the 360 and shares his thoughts on the experience.

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Conclusion (5.0):
All of which paints a pretty dismal picture. When the combat mechanism comes together and everything works as it should, Dark Messiah shows some real promise, which is perhaps the most annoying thing here. Unfortunately such occurrences are few and definitely far between, and the rest of the game seems so under-developed that it makes it almost impossible to recommend. A shame, and definitely one that hopefully the publisher and developer can take some much-needed lessons from.

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By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Feb 26, 2008
This is one of the best games I have evr played in my life! Hope thiss comes out on PC, and by the way, Multiplayer kicks ass!
By Kres (SI Elite) on Feb 26, 2008
One of the best games you ever played? God it got terrible scores on SI and around the net. Didn't played it myself.
By JamieSI (SI Core) on Feb 26, 2008
I've tried it out, the demo is available on Xbox Live. It's not very enjoyable, I'd recommend Oblivion over this but the multiplayer features are fairly enjoyable.
By Malonn (SI Member) on Feb 26, 2008
It is out for the PC. It was originally a PC game and ported to the 360. The PC game got mixed reviews; some good others bad.
By Manuel_garcia (SI Newbie) on Feb 26, 2008
I think we're relatively high on the score here really! I believe gamespot and 1up both gave it around the 3.0 mark.
By Malonn (SI Member) on Feb 26, 2008
Yeah the 360 version hasn't received a warm welcome, but the PC version (which is all that matters - I mean it's the PC after all :) ) had some mixed reviews. PC Zone, PC Gamer UK, and Game Informer gave it good marks. Gamespot, Gamespy, 1up gave it average. I don't know about the 360 version. I don't own a console. But the transition from mouse and keyboard to gamepad is rarely good.