Square and Eidos "modify" their US distribution, Warner dropped
Posted: 02.06.2009 11:27 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
With the acquisition of Eidos by Square Enix it's become no longer necessary for Warner Bros to publish Eidos titles in the US, they'll handle it themselves now.

The upcoming launch of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Mini Ninjas will be the last titles under the deal, where Warner will server "as co-publisher." Everything else will be Square/Eidos.

"Square Enix's recent acquisition of Eidos Interactive, makes it advantageous for Square Enix and Eidos to modify their distribution strategy," read a joint statement from Eidos executive VP Robert Lindsey, and Square Enix president and CEO John Yamamoto.

"Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment is handling the upcoming launches of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Mini Ninjas in North America as co-publisher. All other games, including Kane and Lynch 2, Just Cause 2 will be handled directly by Square Enix, Eidos."

"We're working on other transition details, including catalogue products and will provide these details as soon as we have them worked out." The biggest title to release under the Warner deal was Tomb Raider: Underworld, which unfortunately sold below expectations.

Kane & Lynch 2 will be Warner free