Remedy explains Alan Wake dev time, "We are not a factory"
Posted: 09.06.2009 11:09 by Jamie Davey Comments: 0
Remedy has been talking about the 5 year development process for Alan Wake, as it was originally announced back in 2005. Sam Lake, lead writer, tells Joystig that Remedy is not a factory.

“Remedy is not a factory, we take our time and try out different things until we feel have found the right combination and a good balance for the game." said Lake.

"We have been in the fortunate position where we've had time to do research and do prototypes... Keep the quality bar high and explore, until we find the right combination of different elements. Things have evolved along the way. This is an action game, but there is a lot of variety."

Long development times aren't necessarily a bad thing, look how long Blizzard takes to develop its games, and they almost always come out with something groundbreaking. Perhaps Alan Wake will be something special too? We'll find out in Spring 2010.