BioWare tease Mass Effect 2 "bloodbath" finale, choice dependant
Posted: 12.06.2009 11:16 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Casey Hudson of BioWare has revealed that players who don't mind cutting corners could very well have quite a red ending, your squad mates "will die".

Previous chums will reappear in Mass Effect 2, but Shepard will be recruiting a whole team of "completely new characters," a much bigger squad a lot more varied in race and opinion.

"At the beginning of the game, you start to get an idea of something really scary, really dangerous, that youíre going to have to do at the very end of the game," Hudson told NowGamer.

"To get ready for that youíre going to have to build up your crew, build the best team that you can, build up your ship, and then when you think youíre ready youíre gonna go in and do it."

"If you donít do a lot of the stuff, or make the right kind of choices, the ending will be a bloodbath, and the people that you brought with you will die, and itíll be a great ending, but itíll be that kind of ending," he explained. None of your returning squad mates will be recruitable, instead they'll just fulfil cameo roles it seems.

"All the squad members that you pick up are completely new characters," he said. "Some of them from races that have never been in your squad before."

"Itís going to be larger squad, a lot more varied and very, very different kinds of characters. Everyone that you can take with you is a different character from before."

It sounds ever more awesome with each passing word out of BioWare, too bad we have to wait till early next year to continue Commander Shepard's galactic adventures. Will you enjoy turning things into a bloodbath, regardless of cost?

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By Jake_SI (SI Elite) on Jun 12, 2009
Mass Effect was severely under-rated in my opinion. It was one of the best games I've played on a console, I could hardly put down my controller, because it had such a strong story-line which kept me glued to the screen wanting more.. I can't wait for Mass Effect 2!!! It's going to be legen.... wait for it.....dary!