It was only a matter of time, The Sims 3 official and sporting a teaser
Posted: 06.03.2008 12:01 by Jamie Davey Comments: 3
Maxis have already showcased The Sims 3 in a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) event with press, the blockade is said to end on March 19.

Wasting no time to rally the Sim communities around their latest expansion-spawner 'The Sims 3' website has launched promising more once the March embargo is lifted.

That's not to say that some details haven't made their way into the public domain. A blog article based on an Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference chin-wag with Richard Evans, who has previously worked on the AI for Peter Molyneux's Black & White creature, discusses the changes and evolution of the Sims and how they're now "more socially aware."

"...another big addition is that the Sims actually do long term planning. He created a Sim and gave it the workaholic trait. Then he got the Sim a job as a waiter, which is on the restaurant track. The Sim then independently went off to try to level his cooking skill. It bought a cookbook and read it, it bought ingredients and started cooking. It called his boss and invited him over because becoming friends with your boss will get you promoted."

Basically the Sims would now take into account whether an action would be appropriate or not, a visiting Sim entering a home only to watch TV and mooch food while not bothering to interact much would no longer be the norm and fellow Sims could react accordingly if they did.

I'm sure whatever Maxis have in-store for Sim's fans it most likely to be followed by an army of expansions and stuff titles. We can all look forward to such future titles as The Sims 3: Blue Carpets Expansion, The Sims 3: Pimp My Microwave Style Stuff and how could we forget the impending classic The Sims 3: Five More Bathroom Wall Mirrors Anthology. Stay tuned!

Click here to visit The Sims 3 official website.

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By JamieSI (SI Core) on Mar 06, 2008
I like the sound of the updated Artificial Intelligence! I&#039;m not a Sims fan but I&#039;ll look forward to finding out more in March.
By Rob Rymond (SI Newbie) on Mar 06, 2008
Rob Rymond
I grew tired of it, Sims orginal was great and I played it loads with my sister but then it got old.
By JamieSI (SI Core) on Mar 06, 2008
Well, it was an alright game until you got a baby, that&#039;s when things went pear shaped.