GC 2009: Harmonix has Natal on the brain, could be in Rock Band 3
Posted: 21.08.2009 14:02 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
MTV Games has slipped out that Project Natal is being given some serious time with Harmonix game designers, oh, and that Rock Band 3 is currently underway.

Bossman Scott Guthrie said they "aren't standing still," and they're working with Microsoft to "pull some things together" between Natal and Rock Band 3. MTV Games in other genres?

"We’re exploring both – and possibly will do both," said Scott Guthrie of MTV Games to MCV, referring to another major artist game like The Beatles: Rock Band.

"The Harmonix development team are working on what is effectively the next game, or ‘Rock Band 3’. We aren’t standing still - we will keep moving into new areas and look at new technologies that our platform holder partners are also developing, such as Project Natal from Microsoft."

"We’re working with them to pull some things together. So it’s pretty exciting time for the future of our music game business," he continued.

And what of MTV branching out into more genres? "There are several – but I’m not allowed to say at this point. Right now we are looking at several opportunities, ones that leverage how MTV as a media company can support and market those new products and appeal to the userbase and audience that MTV has worked so well with in over 25 years."

I'm sure we'll hear about MTV Games' bid in the Ship Simulator market soon enough. Music games and motion tech like Natal is a natural marriage, surely?

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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Aug 21, 2009
Someone save me from all the hype over Natal.