Mythic reviving live events to toast one year of Warhammer Online
Posted: 24.08.2009 10:51 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Starting on August 31st, EA Mythic will be launching a new "live event dungeon" called The Wild Hunt, and plan on bringing back other "fan favorite" events over the weekends.

This is to celebrate Warhammer Online's impending one year anniversary, so you can expect a 20 percent experience and renown bonus too. Plus "limited edition" item drops...

"With the official one year anniversary of Warhammer Online less than a month away, Mythic has announced their September celebration of Warhammer-style proportions with the new live event dungeon, The Wild Hunt going live from 8/31 – 9/7" revealed Mythic devs.

"...and bringing back fan favorite live events each weekend for the rest of the month including Mourkain Temple (9/11-14), Gates of Ekrund (9/18-21) and Temple of Isha (9/25-28)."

There'll be veteran trophies, some fancy fireworks, "exploding stout" and special or limited edition items that drop during the month's celebrations. Not to mention a nice boost to experience and renown by no less than 20 percent.

"This anniversary marks a major milestone for "WAR", the Mythic development team, and our fantastic community of players," said Mythic's Jeff Hickman. "We could think of no better way of marking this occasion than by celebrating our success with our fans for the entire month of September."

"We’ve got new content to share with the Wild Hunt live event, special versions of popular scenarios, and a 20% experience and renowned bonus, plus, players can get special rare drops, veteran rewards, fireworks, Halfling pies, and exploding stout! Now that is a party Warhammer style!"

The forces of Destruction and Order face off against The Hunter's Vale. What is that exactly? Well, visit the official Warhammer Online website to find out more. Exploding beverage anyone?

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