Bladder - I cast thee out! The Sims not to be meter slaves anymore
Posted: 07.03.2008 11:57 by Jamie Davey Comments: 1
While the 'embargo' of information is still in effect and will end on March 19, there's still a trickle or too - not for the Sims though.

No longer will Sims be tied to the crucial process of eat-sleep-pee but will now have a new system which lets gamers (and Sims) enjoy the new seamless open town environment.

The homes and outdoor environments are now all opened up so hopefully the incessant loading will be a thing of the past. Outdoor activities don't need expansion packs as the Sims will be present in an ever-changing neighbourhood that's wide-open.

There are also many other changes ranging from the small to the large, but the need meters being replaced instead with discrete moods is a great idea if it lets gamers really explore this new type of sandbox.

More information will be coming soon with an exclusive 12-page preview in the April/May issue of the Games for Windows: The Official Magazine which will be in the hands of subscribers now and hitting the newsagents shortly.

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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Mar 08, 2008
Wonder if there&#039;s a MMORPG in the plans ahead for this franchise. Wouldn&#039;t be surprised given the attention being payed now to free-roaming environs. Stealing people&#039;s toilets from their homes...that would raise the angst of many a Sim methinks.