No plans for Crysis reaching console, the renaissance of PC gaming
Posted: 07.03.2008 12:43 by Jamie Davey Comments: 4
During a little interview Colin Robinson of EA spoke about Crytek's Crysis as well as the comeback set to sweep the PC games market.

Many have speculated that Crysis will reach an inevitable port to the next-gen systems but Robinson says that EA haven't any specific plans in motion and was happy to say that the PC is going be revived over the coming years.

"There are no specific plans at the moment but obviously it is not something that we will rule completely," answers Robinson. "I really think that PC gaming will experience a renaissance over the next few years. PC games are about pushing the technology and there are titles in the works that are yet to be announced that will see this happen."

Hard-line PC gamers will happy to hear this kind of talk as Crysis remains a real achievement for the platform, as well as more and more reps from the major studios and publishers optimistic that the PC will see a huge revival.

The King is dead, long live the King.


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Mar 07, 2008
Port should look pretty basic, considering the processor-needs. But consolers will be happy just to be able to play it. Considering "Crysis" was meant to be a "Proof-of-concept" project to begin with, EA are are sure making a lot of bread with this dough (our dough, that is). Still can't quite figure the sudden interest from Publishers in the return to prominence of the PC. Have to wait and see, but something's in the wind.
By Megadeth (SI Veteran Member) on Mar 10, 2008
The console makers pray and wish for the death of PC as a gaming platform, its sad how they keep prophesizing the death of PC as a "niche" platform for the last 15 years. Some people are silly enough to believe them. The fact remains that the PC has nearly 100% household penetration (everyone has computer) and they forget the 360 leveraged PC technology (internet) to get to get its market share. PS3 is less successful because its still following the old console model.
By HELLKNIGHT13 (SI Elite) on Mar 10, 2008
Some thing are just better left to the PC if you ask me tell they fix all the bugs with the console or make 1 that runs with every name game they will all ways fall sort to the PC. They have the tec but want us to just keep buying there new system.ever yaer they come out with a new one but they all redy have the tec to make the all time best gaming cosole.they just cair about the $$$ not the gamer .it's a know fact that they have one that can do it all but if they put it out they can't make the $$$ they want that the way bisnest is run now days or they put a crash chip in so after so long it don't work and you need to so call have it fixxed or get a new one .that is how they get you .not ever one knows about that chip it's set to fell after so much time it's in every thing we buy now days .look at all the chips and thair is all ways one that is the same in all thing that is the one .it put low watt 's in so thing get weak and bren out .thing we should not know about .or they would be F.if that got out ops .DDD all the way !!!
By HELLKNIGHT13 (SI Elite) on Mar 10, 2008
But the xbox 360 is a small pc made by microsoft .just not like the high end pc.think of it as if you get a low price gaming pc you get what you pay for low end .but still good to play games on and ezzer to take on the go.don't get me wrong the xbox 360 is still the best gaming console out there for the $$ just look who makes it the same people who make the pc .that is the best way to look at it .